Cleaning Bathrooms and Floors Are The Most Hated Household Chores

According to a 2022 survey, 30% of Americans agreed that the worst cleaning chore is cleaning bathrooms. 

Who wants to clean toilets after all? It’s not exactly shocking that most Americans surveyed put cleaning bathrooms at the top of the list. But surprisingly, a close runner up is cleaning floors. Yes, vacuuming and mopping were almost as detested as bathroom cleaning. Yet, it is recommended to stay on top of bathrooms and floors in order to ensure a clean, healthy home, free of bacteria and germs. 

The survey, conducted by House Digest shed some light on laundry and dishes too. While one might think those chores were close to the top of the list, they were not. The third place for “most hated household chore” is mowing the lawn and lawn care. 

How To Clean Your Bathroom

Our first recommendation, is simply to outsource cleaning biweekly or monthly to a reputable, local cleaning company. Delegating regular cleaning leaves the extra dirty bathroom work to the professionals, so people can just focus on upkeep like wiping down bathroom surfaces and keeping surface areas clutter-free. For those that want to tackle bathroom cleaning themselves, be sure to clear all toiletries, clear surfaces and remove things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, etc. Then, be sure to start with your least favorite task – for many that is scrubbing toilets and tubs/showers. Getting the worst part out of the way first helps a lot! Also, be sure to choose cleaning products that match your cleaning goals. Do you prefer organic cleaning substances? Or heavy duty cleaning products? Is smell important to you? If so, be sure the products you use smell good. Don’t forget the mirror! 

For Anne Arundel County residents who cannot stand the thought of cleaning another toilet, be sure to contact our team for a free quote! 




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