Poll suggests that the average American spends 300 hours a year cleaning

New research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Maid Brigade and in partnership with 72Point Inc. reveals that the average American spends nearly 300 hours per year cleaning their home, with over five hours a week dedicated to this task.

While some find cleaning enjoyable, a third of respondents admit to disliking it, and 45% feel solely responsible for cleaning in their household. This commitment to cleaning sometimes leads to missing out on social events and even showing up late or leaving early.

During holiday months like November and December, 55% of those surveyed expect guests, leading to increased cleaning efforts. Despite the effort, a significant portion feels tired by the end of preparations and wishes to spend more time relaxing with loved ones.

Here at Always Sparkle Cleaning Service, we suggest letting our team take on some of the cleaning responsibilities, so homeowners free up time for creating lasting memories and enjoy more leisure time. Even hiring a professional cleaning company like ours for ongoing monthly cleaning, goes a long way in keeping the home consistently clean.


Source: Maid Brigade

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